We the People: Toward a Fair as well as Simply Society as well as How to Get There

Because of the international economic dilemmas compelling people to look for a new societal system to replace the old business dominated one, I decided to publish a simplified as well as a short version of my theory, in a policy kind of only 64 pages for the essential public as a guide for taking action toward transforming the system. It will indeed save lots of lives as well as possibilities if we recognize it now and also take action to appear it before it obtains too late to stop wide-spread physical violence and bloodshed.

The economic idea provided here belongs from a new scientific theory of free technical society which is thought, one way or another but ultimately, to replace today two centuries old disorderly and out-of-date system of, so called, representative democracy. People in almost all created and some developing countries are seriously looking for a contemporary but just and reasonable system to change it. The always ask for us to but we don’t understand us. The complete and information framework of this brand-new societal system, which is presented in 3 publications (over 1000 pages), apparently cannot be adequately presented right here. The visitor needs to have this in mind when some inquiries arise. However, understanding it with a little use of logic and also thinking is relatively straightforward, given that the scientific base of the concept rests on the application of a single idea of equality of possibility.

Our Constitution covers the concept of equality of possibility, however, expect, to clarify it, we pass a change to our constitution identifying the balance of potential as a specific right in every facet of everyday life. This promptly broadens freedom to cover the whole system of the social life: financial, political, in addition to social. Allow’s see what takes place to the economic climate of the country as well as in addition to it to individual freedoms, political procedure, caste, employment civil liberties, and equality regardless of race, sex, society, and faith. Right here is a concise account of it.

The New Economic Theory

The fashion whereby property is generated, had, as well as used, determines the economic structure of society as well as, to a significant degree, its social and political characteristics. A fundamental problem for financial freedom is the good circulation of funding among the people as well as distributed control over its usage.

The Concept of Unjust Enrichment

The concept of equality of opportunity recommends that everyone has full authority of control and management of whatever she or he has during his lifetime, yet no person in a technical democratic society is permitted to obtain opportunity over others with buildup of riches by profits accomplished by exploitation and subjugation of others, or entirely free transfer of properties. This concept is called “prohibition of unfair enrichment.” Such build-up is enabled just via individual’s labor. Thus, no one could be enhanced with inheritance or obtaining home or assets without a similar payment. The reason is that such enrichment will disrupt equal rights of opportunity by increasing one’s possible, without his efforts, over those of others. Inheritance is allowed only to the level that it does not affect equal rights of chance. Earnings is another type of unfair enrichment because the capitalist obtains it via exploitation of employees in addition to consumers. It unjustly enhances the opportunity of the plutocrat versus employees as well as others. Nonetheless, a countrywide defined quantity of return from using capital is justified.

Resources as well as Capital Accumulation and www.palmettostatehomebuyers.com

While capital is still among the main forces of production, its attributes are quite varied with that under industrialism or socialism. The wealth accumulated with cost savings from a worker’s very own profits, to achieve equal rights of chance, each worker also has another source of resources build-up. It is an identified number of shares of his employer’s firm he receives on a monthly basis in addition to and also as a part of his income. This process gradually and also peacefully transfers capital from the plutocrat to the employee enabling him or her booming voice in the procedure of the company. A unique, as well as superb result, is obtained by this process of transition; the distinction between the plutocrat as well as working course vanishes and both collaborate into one. It is essential to note that the working class under this theory personifies any individual working in any production process from its top supervisors to its least certified one.

The gathered capital by the workers under this program stock-holding is non-transferable, but it stays under the ownership as well as control of the worker. In reality, these supplies are apart of the social resources in circulation giving a range of advantageous features, all under individual and private control. In enhancement, of course, the worker has funding accumulation by cost savings from the wage, revenue from funding investments in production companies, earnings from nontransferable stocks, and also inheritance.